Lud Foe: “Real Street Ni**as Don’t Rap Beef”, Considers NWA Drill Music (Part 5)

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In this clip, Lud Foe discussed his latest project as well as going on tour with Tee Grizzley. Lud Foe stated that the experience has brought him a new level of excitement and he feels himself becoming a better performer as a result. He spoke about the largest crowd he’s performed in front outside of Chicago being in Florida.

Lud Foe later gave his opinion on drill music. He claimed that rappers today aren’t really making drill music despite the content. He considers N.W.A. true purveyors of what drill music means and surprisingly rejects the drill music label for his own musical output. He also discussed the idea of rap beef and said that he doesn’t respond to any of it in order to not give those coming at him the attention that they want. Ultimately, Lud Foe is just looking to make music and be the best he can be.


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