Marcellus Wiley sat down and did an exclusive interview with Vladtv. Wiley spoke with us about what is was like to grow up in Compton, his craziest experience while growing up, and how much he appreciates rap music for getting him through his childhood.

Wiley was born and raised in Compton, in the 1980’s, and saw much of the drug and crime era. “You just learned some survival instincts, how to get through it, you learn what to wear, what not to wear, where to go, where not to go..” Wiley let us know her grew up right by Compton High School in a crip gang area. It was intense for him, but growing up by himself without brothers is something he is thankful for because he believes growing with brothers would have brought him closer to the streets. “A lot of the codes got watered down, it got desensitized to a degree, but when I was growing up i knew what to do, but what not to do..”

We asked Wiley what one of the craziest things that had ever happened to him was, and he told us one day before warming up for a game the football team was shot at. “We look around, and you start to see dust, they were shooting at the team, they were shooting at us.. supposedly somebody from the apartment building had a problem with someone on the team.. and that’s just how they settled the score.” Marcellus had seen two of his uncles killed while in Compton which made him stay away from the streets. Listening to music helped him live “vicariously” through the streets, but he never truly wanted to be involved in the gang life.

Marcellus Wiley also talked about a previous encounter with the infamous Suge Knight. He was at a club when he was younger and had purchased a couple of tables. The waitress said one of the tables was for Suge, but Wiley had already purchased it and shrugged it off. , Knight’s entourage greeted Wiley letting him know to leave the club because Suge was looking for him, but Wiley said he saw Suge a few weeks later and they laughed the encounter off.

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