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Miko Grimes on Cops Beating Her Up as Revenge for Her Anti-Police Tweets

Miko Grimes made headlines in 2015 after she was arrested at a Miami vs. Buffalo game, and she spoke about the situation in great detail during a recent interview with VladTV.

Miko explained that she tailgated at every Miami game before watching her husband Brent play, and on this particular day she was with a friend who couldn’t hold her liquor. While walking into the stadium with her friend, Miko sensed that things could get ugly with the Bills fans, who were already aggressively targeting her at the gate.

After a failed attempt to get security to come pick her up, Miko walked with her friend to a gate so that they could get ushered into their private seats. While on their way, Miko and her friend encountered an aggressive officer who pushed her to the ground when she stood up to him. A short moment later, Miko got on her phone to call friends to tell them she wasn’t going to make it in the stadium when she was ambushed by four cops.

Miko said she was being punched and beaten by the cops, who thought she was bashing them on social media. Once they realized the situation, Miko said she started telling the cops she was going to sue them, which is when she was arrested and taken to the stadium jail. Security at the jail refused to arrest Miko, and she got to watch the game from the jail.

To hear more of what Miko had to say during the interview, including why her lawsuit didn’t materialize, hit the above clip.