SHARE – It’s almost become guaranteed to count on Lexington Steele and Nikki Benz to come to VladTV with an insane story about their experiences in their industry. This time around they didn’t let us down as they remembered hilarious – and somewhat serious – encounters with their costars while preparing for their scenes. “There’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff that goes on that the fans don’t see,” Nikki states in this exclusive clip.

“I’ve seen dudes fight butt-a** naked on set,” Lex recalled. “That’s the funniest s*** in the world because when you ‘re trying to break them up, you’re trying to make sure that nothing’s touching your leg or something.” Lexington Steele has had his fair share of near-altercations, and tells us in detail about one time in Europe where he almost got into a fight with another man because he wouldn’t “compromise” on set.

Check out his hysterical story as well as one from Nikki Benz above.