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Nore on the Rap Industry: Some People Are Out to Rob You

https://www.vladtv.com – “The guy who comes up to you and says ‘hey, how you doing man, yo, you want a cigarette,” and so on and so forth, “[and] offered you all this, was trying to rob you [or] extort you,” says Nore about guys in jail. In this interview, he compares being locked up with other inmates to the rap game, and explains why “everybody’s not your friend” at the end of the day in the music industry.

“It’s not just rappers, it’s just reality. Some people are just fake,” Nore continues on. The Queens-bred rapper has never forgotten the people who helped pave his career, but feels that when it comes to other artists, they “don’t remember the person that helped them get up” once they reach the peak of their career. “It’s not that they’re rappers in this field, they’re just scumbags in real life.”

In this interview Nore also talks about his relationship with Cash Money and Lil Wayne’s ongoing beef with Young Thug. “If it’s really all about the money, then settle that,” he began. If it’s deeper than that, then that’s their business.”

Watch the entire 18-minute clip to see Nore speak on his days at Def Jam and how they were his “favorite team,” and the time Wayne – who Nore says he featured first before anyone – dissed Jennifer Lopez and missed out on $250k just to show up at his video shoot. “For him to show up to my video was an honor,” he recalls.

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