– You may not have guessed it, but it wasn’t until three years ago that Maco Mattox was given the name OG Maco. Given the OG title at the age of 20 “by the streets,” Maco was known to “finesse and jugg” with his crew before his breakout song “U Guessed It” broke the airwaves last year. It wasn’t until a year prior to that, however, that he had a change of heart about his street ways and chose to focus on making a name in hip-hop.

“I remember telling my friends ‘this [is] it,” recalls Maco of deciding to end his jugging days. “Whether I gotta eat chips and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday, you know, that’s what imma do because I know this [career] is coming. I know next year we’ll be all good.” And that it did.

Though it was postponed, OG Maco is scheduled to perform with the Migos on their “Yung Rich Nation Tour” this summer. He does admit, however, that ditching the street life has definitely had its drawbacks. “It’s not easy when you’re used to having $20,000 and then you got $2,” Maco states.

Watch on as OG Maco reflects back on his street days and details what being an OG really means in this exclusive clip.