Pee Wee Kirkland on Being Mentioned by The Clipse, Fat Joe, Ja Rule in Songs

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Pee Wee Kirkland has been mentioned in a host of rap songs, including Ja Rule’s “Always on Time” and Fat Joe’s “Lean Back,” which the basketball legend spoke about during a recent interview with VladTV. Pee Wee went on to say that he’s honored that they would put him in a verse.

Moving along, Pee Wee spoke about the importance of family values in music, which he said he’s happy to see is finally coming back to the genre. He then added that hip-hop has made a lot of young people turn on their families, but Pee Wee said that loving and caring for your mother is the most gangster thing that anyone can do.

To hear more about what Pee Wee had to say, including speaking to at-risk kids, hit the above slide.


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