Peter Gunz Shares Story of Pun Having Heckler Thrown Off Balcony

[youtube ytid=”″ ] – Peter Gunz shared a couple of throwback stories about fellow Bronx emcee Big Pun during an interview with VladTV.

The “Love & Hip Hop” star said that he remembers performing “Cross Bronx Expressway” at the Apollo Theater with Pun when someone started raining ice from the balcony. Fed up with the heckler, the “Still Not a Player” emcee sent his goons to take care of the guy. Peter remembered that it wasn’t a short time later that they saw the heckler flying out of the balcony and hitting his legs on the stage.
During the interview Peter also addressed his relationship with his “Deja Vu” collaborator Lord Tariq. The Bronx-born emcee explained that they never had a falling out, and Peter says that he still talks to Tariq frequently.

Check out more of the interview, including Peter’s story about working with Shaq, in the above clip.


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