PT. 2 Mike Colter on Taking on the Role of Another Superhero + The Differences between Marvel & DC

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The man of power himself, Mike Colter, better known as a his character Luke Cage stopped by to sit down with Sway in the Morning. Colter, widely known for his role in the Netflix series, Luke Cage, came on the show and touched basis on being featured in the new film Girls Trip, and what’s up next for him as Luke Cage.

While discussing the new film, Colter acknowledges the fact that his character is quite different from Luke Cage in the film, Girls Trip. Heather B mentions mention’s how women were loving to see Colter on the big screen in his new movie, but throughout the film his character development goes from “good guy to bad guy.”

As the interview continues, Colter discusses what’s next up for him as he continues his role as Luke Cage. While briefly discussing topics about what’s next for his character and the new series, The Defenders, Colter seemingly jokes about “leaking information” and how secure Marvel is, as he maneuvers through questions throughout the interview.

Watch Mike Colter’s conversation with Sway in The Morning and watch the premiere of The Defenders, Friday August 18th!

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