– Meet Scrilla King – an upcoming rap artist and former friend of Chet Haze. You know the story: Tom Hank’s son became famous for using the n-word moreso than he has with his music career. Chet used the term so frequently that he began losing friends, and interestingly enough still stands behind his belief that anyone, Black or White, has the right to say it to their friends if there’s an understanding – Scrilla on the other hand clearly feels differently. “I’m never gonna stand by him for what he did” he tells us in this exclusive clip.

The Fort Wayne, Indiana native stopped talking to the “fairly well-off” rapper after over six months ago after he used the word when speaking to him. “We were chillin’ at the studio and we went outside to smoke or something, and during the process of going upstairs to downstairs, he slipped out and said it,” Scrilla remembers, adding that he said nothing to him about the word at first because he “didn’t want to make the situation awkward.”

When Scrilla King first met Chet Haze three to four years ago he wasn’t even aware that he was the son of one of his favorite actors. Scrilla says back in the day Chet Hanks was more of a singer when they first began collaborating, but ultimately his “entitlement” issues got in the way of their friendship. “He felt like he was bigger than he was because of his father,” Scrilla believes. “You’re Tom Hanks’ son but nobody really knows you, bro.”

The ghostwriter also told us about the texts he’s received from Chet since TMZ allegedly twisted his words around earlier this month. Not one for text wars, Scrilla King refuses to take his former affiliate’s words to heart. “Where I grew up, you don’t text about s*** you’re about to do. If you’re gon[na] really do something, bro, see me in the streets. Let’s get live.”

Watch the clip to find out how Scrilla knew Chet “was the type of person to just use people,” why he feels bad for Tom Hanks, and his thoughts on Lord Jamar’s statement that “White rappers are guest in the house of hip-hop.” Vlad even shares some his thoughts on Chet and wants him to know that “your life won’t really be improved by using the n-word.” Catch it all above, and check out Scrilla King’s “Preview” mixtape here.