Snap Dogg Explains Snoop Dogg Comparisons & Beef with Rich The Kid

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Although Snap Dogg says he gets accused of biting off of Snoop Dogg’s name, he says that’s not what he was aiming for. The up-and-coming rapper from Detroit tells VladTV that it was his twin brother that gave him his nickname, which was based on his wild days when he quarreled anyone who disrespected him. To back it up—eventhough he says he doesn’t entertain beef anymore—he briefly discusses why he got into it with fellow rapper, Rich the Kid. The short feud which came out of left field is nothing but a “misunderstanding” and Snap tells us that there’s no “real beef.” Interestingly enough, Snap gives us his definition of beef and describes it as when one is in fear for his life and has to sleep with a pistol as a precaution.

Watch the full clip above.


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