After tearing down the stage at Soundset Festival live from the State Fairgrounds in Minnesota, Murs and 9th Wonder sat down with Tracy G for an in-depth interview,

From violence at Irving Plaza to Donald Trump and the controversy surrounding transgender bathrooms the duo opens up candidly and concisely about the issues.

Speaking on all the guns and violence seen in movies they hit back at the NYPD Police Commissioner who said that rap is to blame for so much violence. When it comes to Trump they preach the importance of voting in more than just the Presidential election as they pound home the point that a democratic senate would be able to stop Trump from doing a lot of stupid things.

When in comes to transgender bathrooms both Murs and 9th Wonder show their support for the LBGT community, their only issue is with this notion being passed down to schools. Watch the full interview to hear their points.

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