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White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is controversial, to say the least. The former executive chair of Breitbart News has stoked the flames of racism and xenophobia by giving a platform to the message of the alt-right.

Long before Bannon became Donald Trump’s right-hand man, the Virginia native had delusions of grandeur about being a Hollywood big shot. One of his ideas was reworking William Shakespeare’s Coriolanus into “hip-hop musical” about the Los Angeles riots. The project has been heavily discussed on the Internet, but someone finally got their hands on the screenplay.

NowThis not only got a copy of the entire screenplay for The Thing I Am, but also staged a reading with comedic actors. Cedric Yarbrough (Reno 911), Gary Anthony Williams (The Boondocks), Rob Corddry (Ballers) and Nyima Funk (Whose Line Is It Anyway) are just a few of notable names to contribute to the table read.

The screenplay is as ridiculous as you would imagine, yet the talented cast does their best to make it work. The veteran actors even have trouble though, as seen when Funk must break character in disbelief over one of the lines she has to read.

The power of Bannon and Trump is worrisome, but one of the few positives is the music they will inspire. Joey Bada$$ recently spoke about how hip-hop will fight back with uplifting music.

“The music has taken a shift now. I’m not the only artist the feels this way,” Joey told CNN. “Everyone is starting to feel somewhat responsible because we’re realizing the power that we have as individuals, as musicians, as people with high influence.”

Watch actors read Steve Bannon’s The Thing I Am screenplay below.

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