Christopher Polk / Joshua Lott, Getty Images (2)
Christopher Polk / Joshua Lott, Getty Images (2)

Swae Lee is smitten with Malia Obama. During a conversation with TMZ, the Rae Sremmurd member gave his best pitch to Malia for a potential date.

“We gonna go on a dinner date, 200 feet in the air on a suspended table. Five star restaurant,” Swae says in the video below. “After that, we gonna go to the beach. We gon’ do what we do on the beach. Might go on some jet skis. Then, I’ma take you home.”

Swae also said he wants to get the blessing of former President Barack Obama. The “Black Beatles” rapper hopes to court Malia like a true gentleman.

“I’ma definitely meet Obama, pay my respects to Obama,” says Swae. “Do it like a gentleman, you know what I’m saying? Do it like a nice guy. Come with the flowers. I might come with some flowers. You never know.”

Swae has made no secret about his crush on Malia. Back in December, he spoke about his affection for the daughter of the 44th President of the United Sates.

“I think we would get along,” Swae said. “She got a year off. We might bump heads, who knows? ‘Cause we both be on turnt up scenes and we just love life equally. We might connect.”

Swae’s recent actions may have hurt his chances of scoring a date with Malia though. Earlier this week, the Mississippi native allegedly uploaded a sex tape featuring himself onto his Instagram. Swae apparently quickly realized the mistake and deleted the video about 30 minutes later.

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