A Texas teen escaped a misdemeanor charge Monday evening (Dec. 26) when a cop decided not to be a jerk and arrest him. Instead, Officer Eric Ball took a cue from his high school days and made the semi-blazed kid bust out 200 push-ups.

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Bystander Raiza Paradez recorded the moment and posted it to Facebook over the holiday weekend. The teen was at the movie theater with his mom (maybe watching Fences?) when he stepped outside for a break. “Marijuana gives [off] a distinct odor. He knew what the teen was up to,” Lt. Chris Cook said to WFAA on Thursday (Dec. 29). Ball came across the teen, who complied with him. The cop came up with the idea to make the teen do push-ups, which was inspired by the “punishments” he would receive by his high school football coach. “He could have very well arrested this teen, but instead he tried to do something better,” Cook said.

The teen was then reunited with his mother in the theater.

The Arlington Police Department seems to be filled with thoughtful officers. On Christmas Eve, a group of officers gave presents to children in the neighborhood. The department also honored Officer Jillian Michelle Smith, who died in the line of fire in 2010 when she jumped in front of a bullet aimed towards an 11-year-old girl.

Check out the video below.

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