SHARE – Detroit emcee Obie Trice was a little vexed with VladTV after his last interview with us in 2013. In the clip, Trice detailed times where Eminem would rewrite his lyrics after listening to his. According to him, we made it seem as if he was “sonning” Em. “I got a lot of flak for that s***,” he tells us during his latest sit-down.
Clearing up his statement, Obie Trice says “when I read a verse he saw my lyrics, he listened to the lyrics and he heard the rap. He was like ‘f*** that I’m gonna rewrite my s***.'”

After things were sorted out, the former Shady records artist was asked how he believes the world may feel if we were to ever find out Eminem used a reference track. Obie doesn’t feel it would “tarnish anything,” and “could he continue moving? Yes, indeed.” “But I dont’ think that some real hip-hop cats will respect him anymore,” he reasons.

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