Dangerous Solutions: Strategies & Dialogue of Mental Masters & Warriors 19 KEYS Ft Dame Dash

Master how to control the future by rebuilding your mind, elevating your environment, creating new algorithms, and realizing the power of collaboration. 19 Keys ft Dame Dash

19 Keys presents High Level Conversations to bring you into the high frequency of speech and communication to elevate your mindset and value.

S3E5 Ft. Dame Dash
Featured Guest Bio:
Damon Dash born on May 3, 1971, in Harlem, New York, is an African American record label executive, entrepreneur, film producer, director, actor, and fashion designer. As a youth, Dame Dash sent himself to boarding school because he wanted a better education. Dame Dash first got into the music business at age 19, when he and his cousin Darian Dash started Dash Entertainment. In 1995, Dame Dash launched Roc-A-Fella Records, alongside then business partners Jay-Z and Kareem Burke. He later sold his stake in the company in 2004. While at Roc-A-Fella Records, he created the fashion line Roc-A-Wear and was responsible for the purchases of Armadale Vodka and Pro-Keds. His business skills, fuelled by a desire to succeed, enabled him to break into a range of ventures. He owned a hip-hop fashion label, a music label, a movie production firm, a footwear brand, a Swiss watch company, a boxing promotion partnership, and an art gallery at one point and is still currently invested in many of those business endeavors as well as NFT’s and comic books. Dame Dash has 5 children: two daughters and three sons and he aims to be the architect of building a life for them based in love.

This Episode:
This episode goes high level into the conversation of venturing into the unknown while maintaining the soul, being rich and righteous, and identifying your core values.

Featured Guest Contact:
Website: Dame Dash Studios (https://www.damedashstudios.com/)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/duskopoppington/ (https://www.instagram.com/duskopoppington/)

19 KEYS:
He is a believer in the unlimited human potential, and he aims to help more and more people realize their full potential. His mantra is “slaveship to ownership.” Growing up in Oakland, California as a Muslim of African-American origins, he had to face a lot of difficulties. Many people around him lost their lives due to poverty which motivated him to work harder and secure a better future. 19 Keys is a global thought leader and one of the pioneers in the space of Web 3, business, mindset, holistic wealth, tech, metaphysics and financial literacy; having millions of followers across the globe. 19 Keys is known for his relentless efforts in matters of wealth creation, especially for the youth. One of his initiatives has funded over 5 million student investment accounts. 19 Keys is also the co-founder of initiatives such as The Block World Order (BWO), Goldewater, and Crownz Society. When people think of 19 Keys, they think of a self-taught 21st-century polymath who believes work is the cure to all of our problems.

Follow his links below to learn more:
https://bwo.cheatcode.com/ (https://bwo.cheatcode.com/
https://linktr.ee/19_keys (https://linktr.ee/19_keys
Crownz 19 Link
https://crownz19.com/ (https://crownz19.com/
GoldeWater Link
https://goldewater.com/ (https://goldewater.com/
Book link
https://crownz19.com/products/paradigm-keys-solution-based-mind-reprogramming-e-book?variant=17962889904179 (https://crownz19.com/products/paradigm-keys-solution-based-mind-reprogramming-e-book?variant=17962889904179
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00:00 Intro
02:55 High Level Observer
04:33 Freedom is Power
05:05 Revolutionary Suicide
06:55 Being Rich & Righteous
09:33 God’s Plan
11:55 What Are Your Core Values?
16:22 Be the Solution
20:02 Power or Cowards?
23:11 Dangerous Solutions
27:11 Habits That Heal Not Kill
29:33 Enlighten, Educate, and Empower
34:00 Power & Liberation
39:09 Speak Truth to Power
42:12 Being a god
44:00 Control the Future: Imagination Blueprint
46:46 Cultivate the Integrity of Discipline
50:00 Create Heaven on Earth
54:55 Gain Wisdom From Others’ Experience
01:00:11 Societal Desires: Detaching From the Program
01:06:44 Transcend Dimensions
01:09:11 Art of Collaboration
01:13:31 Think Creatively & Critically
01:19:11 Internal Processes: Become Limitless & Multidimensional
01:25:25 Creating New Algorithms
01:30:22 EI: Mobilization, Automation, & Digitization
01:34:44 Knowing Our Self-Power
01:37:00 PAUSE: A Moment of A

01:38:44 Self-Validation: Chosen One Dreams

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