The Drake "Culture Vulture" Debate

In the past, the strongest “culture vulture” accusations were slapped onto White executive figures such as Mark Ecko, Lyor Cohen, and Jimmy Iovine. While artists such as Vanilla Ice and Post Malone have also been accused of vulturing, it’s hard to argue any hip-hop artist has faced more intense accusations of this particular crime than Drake.

With a persona and discography influenced by Afro-Caribbeans, Londoners, American Southerners, and of course Torontonians, Drake’s globetrotting has been viewed as both boundary-pushing and predatory. In this video, we’ll examine the validity of the top claims on either side of the Drake Culture Vulture debate.

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Check out this video’s transcript over on AcrossTheCulture:

Narration: Pro (@JaysnProlifiq)
Script: Zander Tsadwa
Edit: Roman Bill
Music: Josh Petruccio

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