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In this VladTV exclusive, Russian rapper Oxxxymiron talks about the rap scene in his native country. He mentioned that there were founding fathers in Russian rap. Today, he is considered one of the top three Russian rappers. Oxxxymiron says the first Russian Rap group was named “Bad Balance” but there were a lot of underground rappers.

In terms of battle rapping, Oxxxymiron started at an early age and would even battle people online. According to Oxxxymiron, there are many benefits to battle rapping such as building your fan base and online presence. Towards the middle of the clip, the rapper takes a trip down memory lane. He spoke about his first-ever music video that he recorded in 2008 at 23-years-old. Apparently, it cost him $50 to make — and he mentions that the video was terrible. He also admitted he pretended that laundry powder was cocaine for one of the video scenes.

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