Mikal Bridges on Nets Future, Being a Leader & NBA Finals, LA, Celtics, Jokic & Butler | The Pivot

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A new bridge in Brooklyn, NBA star Mikal Bridges landed with the Nets after a blockbuster trade and finished season with most points of his career and being named to the 2023 All Defense 1st team..the newest New Yorker is sitting down with Ryan, Channing and Fred to talk about his future in the NBA, leadership qualities he’s learned, the NBA finals and who he sees winning it all as well as what makes some of basketball’s best players so tough to shut down!

The NBA Finals are heating up and playing in both conferences, Mikal shares his thoughts on what teams he thinks has the edge and who will be left standing at the end. He dives into what makes Jokic so hard to contain and how Jimmy Butler evolved into a new role and it’s working for him and he’s just flat out going off! But despite those two dynamic players, Mikal is leaning towards Boston to finish it out (if they can stop bullshitting and letting teams stick around) or it could end up the Lakers despite being down 2 games heading back home.

Breaking down the trade that sent him to Brooklyn, Mikal has adapted a positive mentality of making the most of every opportunity and although was disappointed at first to leave behind what they were building with his Suns’ teammates, he’s wholeheartedly welcomed the NY spotlight and looking to next season to build upon what he was able to get a taste of the last couple months with the Nets. Becoming a better leader and working at his game everyday, Mikal says he took parts of what he’s learned playing with all the talent he’s been surrounded with and from afar, watching Stef Curry’s leadership capabilities and how he works with his teammates and earns their respect is something he continues to strive for.

Growing up outside of Philadelphia, Mikal was a hometown favorite with a stand out run at Villanova before being drafted by Sixers and immediately traded to Phoenix. He credits his humble mentality and living each day with gratitude to his mother who he says “does not play around” and has always kept him on the straight and narrow path! Ryan talks about Ja Morant’s current situation and how Mikal has worked to be on a different path and how vital your surroundings are and you are only as strong as the company you keep!

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