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Patreon Exclusive | Humans vs The Robots

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Following Thanksgiving break, the crew discussed one of favorite reoccurring topics: humans vs. robots and the algorithm game. They began
the podcast talking about the devotion that people have with Patreon, how Twitter works, and the workings of the Clubhouse app. After lightly touching on Janet Jackson’s career, which would also loom throughout the episode, but would create a nice Segway to the Ghislaine Maxwell trial with all the CEOs stepping down and what that level of power means.

Later, in the actual Patreon page, the gang would discuss the dislike button being taken off from Youtube and how it effects the algorithms, which brings about how the gang feels that effecting the podcast numbers. In a sort of conspiracy theory atmosphere, they all come into agreement that the numbers are bought and worked through robots, beating the human listeners, hence the title of the episode.

To close out the pod, the gang has an in depth, heated discussion over the Marvel Universe vs. the original comic book followers. Make sure to subscribe to our Patreon so you don’t miss out!

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