The Man Who Walked Across Antarctica – Humans Ep. 2: Colin O'Brady

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In 2008, Colin O’Brady suffered 3rd degree burns on his legs and was told he may never walk again. Since then, he has pushed his body to it’s fullest potential, setting 10 world records and facing death on a regular basis. He has climbed Everest twice, rowed Drake’s Passage, climbed the highest mountains in every U.S. state and continent, and walked across Antarctica.

Watch as Joe travels to Wyoming to sit down with Colin to have a vulnerable conversation about pushing boundaries, motivation, extreme expeditions, life, love, and death. Colin takes us back to his humble beginnings of being born into a hippie family in the Pacific Northwest. We get a firsthand account of one of the most mentally and physically disciplined human beings on earth who continues to defy what is possible.

This is the second installment of Humans, a new talk series where Joe interviews some of the most unique people in the world to shed light on their one in a million experiences.  This is a big step away from the music industry and away from Joe Budden’s typical demographic.  Humans aims to show viewers people with unbelievable stories that only they could live through.

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