I Am (prod. Skemi) by Bilda Boy

‘i am’ by Bilda Boy

I am the one that you wanted to kill
I am the one who’s blood that you must spill(repeat)

I am the one who’s time you won’t kill
You can bet on pills
Come to me buddy you better have skill
I got no time cheap thrills

Sugar spice and all those things nice
Usually all go away in due time
No I won’t stay in the lines as a matter fact check me cross it slime

You won’t make it pass center line
you won’t do it, you got no spine
Bending to wills follow the ills helping folks kill careful don’t spill

I dare you to do somethin for real
Make me shut up and say okay he has skill
Oblivious still from lean and them pills I’ll be kickin you right off of that hill


Fuck with me i go tomb crazy
I don’t like your raps they sound lazy
Keep it up and ima have to roadhouse you, swayze

Think you gotta chance well come and get ya nuts back
I been doin this since you was swimming all inside ya daddies nut sack

Think I’m metamorphic hella absorbent the rage inside my veins is violently coursing
Theres now way I control it blanks out my mind and I go Kevorkian

All of the things I think about will soon come out that’s when you’ll bow I don’t kill I bring around
Ima tell you how oh wait wait not now you have to wait till I decide how