I’m Here (Produced by MahxieMusic) by Ho$ef Listen + Download + Stream

I’m Here (Produced by MahxieMusic) by Ho$ef

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“I’m Here”

Verse – 1
Having dreams that I’m rich waking up being broke got me feeling real funny on the inside/ I ain’t praying on the church cause I got a little coke and my weed stash is dope Ima get right/ niggas praying on my fall cause the shit nice/ we all from the some place why you hate mine/ I be grinding hard people be watching some fuckers talk shit when the units be popping/ never mind cause to hate is a option and I rather gamble Nevada in hopes that my hustle bogata/ listen my mission stay out of prison it’s birds in the hood talking bout fowl living/ and i ain’t no Christian it’s pitching and its women/ and I ain’t gone stop till I reach john Lennon/ God willing if I die broke suicide/ I love tah hustle wouldn’t change it for a different life

Money coming gotta figure where to move it/ I could blow it on a new whip ahh fuck it Ima make that shit stack/

Fuck hoes Ima treat’em how they do me/ I been pimping all night man somebody tell these hoes that I’m bad

If you thinking Ima die before I prove it better keep ya eyes wide like the watcher mother fuckers gone see

We stop all that bullshit with guns so you better stop looking for the one cause I’m it!(here)

Verse – 2
Bought chains when the money flowed/ is this life fucking hoes while I’m getting dough idk/ it’s more money more stress no money more stress/ shit I rather be rich with some issues/ left home I was chasing a dream while these other boys stuck on the scene/ but see me plan to whip up the cream/ momma cried while confessing to me/ you see life ain’t just a blessing to me/ hold it I was rolling diamonds in my necklace/ haters in the pond throwing change for my death wish/ hating at breakfast finish your oats/ I guess they scared of me pushing a ghost/ and these hoes tryna rip out my throat/ cause I’m cold freeze’m outta they coat/ and sail off after rocking the boat/ but I gotta reach the top of the show/ until my money is nasty everybody love to look at me gross I’m So!!

repeat Chorus*

New Audio - I’m Here (Produced by MahxieMusic) by Ho$ef Listen + Download + Stream
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