Light Years (Prod. By MahxieMusic) by Ho$ef Listen + Download + Stream

Light Years (Prod. By MahxieMusic) by Ho$ef

Light Years – Produced by MahxieMusic

Verse 1
I get a rush when I’m paid off of crime/ and the reason for the hustle make up for lost time/ slight tears for lost ones, time is of the essence/ if pressure bust pipes i be bodying the pressure/ everybody under pressure money it fuel efforts/ I got spot money I be killing you with freckles/ I say cheese in hopes of flashing cash/ momma working 3 jobs it’s time for breaking bad/ work until she a relic now that emojis sad/ I’m hoping that my jokes turn frowns into laughs/ the grounds of my past got me feeling like a Dope tale/ the flow got a coke smell so it’s gone sale/

Being broke is like nightmares to me/ selling white is the only way to calm me down/ I gotta fight in this struggle tryna get rich but I’m like light years from it lord!!!

Follow through with your shots they would tell me/ ima make off the block the way I know how/ I gotta fight in this struggle tryna get rich but I’m like light like light years from it lord!!!

Verse 2
I can’t stop boy im molding my team/ and these niggas see my vision is king/ and if keys seems to be the only ease to me getting this cheese then I guess I’ll be wondering Steve/ yeah blind as can be in, the whip destination is free/ man the cops couldn’t get me the freeze/ these haters want me to bleed cause the jewels got me shining like God is light and mind sharp like piranha bites/ you better chill/ I’m not pumping for thrills/ im tryna stunt with no wheel/ i need army money General Mills/ head shots on the hunt for the bills i ain’t playing witcha/ getting money on the move that’s the motion picture/

Repeat Hook1

Damn Im saying life gets real right, and im tryna get real right/ and these hoes want a bite of me/ i can’t deny i taste real sweet/ bottom grill shining like I eat diamonds/ right now we on the bottom but we steady climbing/ my efforts be stressing me yo/ but the kushy for me is like therapy smoke/ fuck the bull shit nigga ima chemist/ my raps is my work so you know I do business/ my plan is a system that leads to them millions/ at ease to your feelings I’m getting money

Hook 1 Variation

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