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In this clip, R.A. the Rugged Man talks about the quality of music and performance quality. The conversation builds off of DJ Vlad querying R.A. on social media sensation Lil Pump. R.A. admitted that he’s not familiar with Lil Pump or his music and that in order to offer a fair assessment of him as an artist would have to delve deeper. Particularly when it comes to performing. R.A. said he’d have to see Pump on stage for at least an hour before casting judgment. He also believes that rocking the stage is a connection and energy the performer has with the audience stating that someone could have a terrible song but rock the live performance.

R.A. also breaks down the psychology behind sampling or remixing familiar tracks. To R.A. the familiarity of a record lends itself to being listened to more if there is a sample most people know. He pointed to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” for its use of Rick James hit “Superfreak” and how he used a similar tactic when freestyling over Taylor Swift’s track. The familiarity mainstream America had with Swift’s original made people listen to R.A.’s version.


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