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The “Baddies Section” around the world continues to expand as its leader Jade Cargill reigns as “That B**ch” in AEW. Oozing with confidence, the statuesque TBS champion has been a dominant force in the women’s pro wrestling division. And she’s building quite the undefeated streak — one that started with a victory in her Dynamite debut in March 2021, teaming with Shaquille O’Neal over Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet.

Cargill’s “It” Factor is undeniable in look and presence, but the emerging star isn’t one to rest on those attributes alone. The consummate athlete also puts in the time between the ropes to realize the full potential supporters see in her. Next up for the title holder: A big defense against veteran Athena at the All Out pay-per-view. Here, Cargill previews the battle and reflects on her meteoric rise.

Jade Cargill: It’s particularly manageable at this point. I got to see my spouse Brandon Phillips deal with it. He played baseball for 17 years. He would get interrupted when we would eat at airports. If more than anything, it’s more of a shock when I get noticed before Brandon. It’s funny seeing my daughter react to it. She is very overprotective of me. If people get too close, she is like, “Hey, that’s my mom! Get away.”

You became the first TBS champion in January and shared that victory with your daughter. Talk about the milestone moment.

It means the world to me because my daughter was there the first time I was in the ring. I was getting beat up by 300-pound guys [in training], and watching her cry about it and having to go over every two minutes and comfort her. Now she is screaming to kick and punch and do these things in the ring. She gave me pep talks, and we cut promos with one another. Just having my daughter there inspires me a lot because I’m here for the next generation. If my daughter ever wants to pursue wrestling, she has some shoes to fill. I want her to feel comfortable walking into this type of industry. I want her to see the representation of a black woman.

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