WWE 2K22 NXT VXT VS The Baddies W/ Jade Cargill – NXT Womens Tag Team Championship Match

These 2 teams battle it out for the tag team gold, what team will walk out with their hands raised and the titles?
Raw Womens Champion: Charlotte Flair
Raw Universal Womens Champion: Veronica Layce
Womens Tag Team Champions: The Layce Republic
Smackdown Womens Champion: Mandy Rose
Smackdown Universal Womens Champion: Bayley
Intercontinental Womens Champion: Ronda Rousey
NXT Womens Champion: Jade Cargill
NXT UK Womens Champion: Taya Valkyrie
NXT Universal Womens Champion: Cristina
NXT Womens Tag Team Champions: The Baddies

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