On Thursday (April 20), Spotify released the trailer for its upcoming audio documentary series, “Mogul: The Life & Death of Chris Lighty.”

Chris Lighty was the music executive credited with shaping the careers of some of hip-hop’s most influential artists, such as 50 Cent, Missy Elliot, LL Cool J and Fat Joe. Lighty died by suicide in 2012.

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“‘Mogul’ is the story of love, death, million-dollar deals, million-dollar losses and dope beats,” host Reggie Osse boasts in the audio trailer. He also speaks of the personal connection that he feels with Lighty’s story. They are New York natives who grew up during the 1970’s. Osse reflects on how the introduction of hip-hop captivated him.

“Hip-hop wasn’t being played on the radio,” he says. “It didn’t even have a name yet, but we knew it was different and that it spoke to us and that it was dope.”

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The audio docu-series will be comprised of six episodes, which will premiere on a weekly basis. Throughout the series, listeners will meet Lighty’s family and follow along the ever-changing landscapes of the hip-hop mogul’s personal and professional lives. There will also be featured commentary from other music industry stakeholders, such as Russell Simmons, Warren G and D Nice.

Listen to the trailer for this podcast that recounts the life of a key player in hip-hop history. The first two episodes of Mogul: The Life & Death of Chris Lighty premiere on the Spotify app April 27.


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