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In this clip, Swagg Dinero took the opportunity to clear up the rumor that he snitched on Chief Keef in connection with Lil JoJo’s death. According to Swagg, he didn’t speak on Sosa’s name at all and in fact, it was JoJo’s mother who dropped his name. But he followed up by stating that JoJo’s mother understandably went that route because someone took her son but that he knew Chief Keef had nothing to do with it.

Later on Swagg Dinero detailed how the streets of Chicago are unforgiving. He pointed out how he’s lost multiple family members behind the violence that plagues his city and how gang life disallows people who would otherwise be cool to create friendships. Take for instance Swagg Dinero saying how he and G Herbo are cool, but that’s only online because of their respective allegiances to opposing sides.