SHARE – Taxstone and OG Maco had beef earlier this year after the “U Guessed It” rapper claimed Manolo Rose, who Taxstone works with, stole his style. Things came to a head after Taxstone claims OG Maco’s crew threw water on Manolo Rose during his SXSW set, which Taxstone detailed during an exclusive VladTV interview.

The “Tax Season Podcast” host told us that Manolo stepped to OG Maco and told the rapper and his crew to “suck my d***” after the show, but Taxstone told us that no one in Maco’s crew reacted. Taxstone then told us that the situation weighed on his chest, so he decided to meet up with OG Maco at another location he knew they would be. Once they met up, Taxstone said he was armed with “kitchen knives,” but he added that they dropped the situation after fearing that the were about to “be shot by some rednecks in Texas.”

Check out more of what Taxstone had to say, including his current thoughts on OG Maco, in the above clip.


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