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Jadakiss Gets Money, Power, Respect + All His Flowers

The champ is here. The entire entertainment world is raising its glasses and toasting to the one and only Jason Terreance Phillips also known by everyone in the rap game as #Jadakiss.

#TheLOX’s unforgettable #Verzuz battle against the almighty #Dipset not only reminded the universe of just why the streets ride with L-O-X but showcased a side of Jadakiss people either have never seen or didn’t quite realize existed.

Much like a champion athlete knowing how many attributes and awards to their name, Jada treated himself like the true people’s champ putting the entire LOX on his back while also popping off at Dipset’s Harlem crew consisting of #Camron, #JimJones and #JuelzSantana.

Jada’s bravado and confidence shined bright like a diamond and had everyone bowing to his greatness. Former rap rival #50Cent suggested Kiss killed Dipset and even shared a meme featuring Jada donning Cam’ron’s infamous pink mink coat.

Even more interesting was four-time NBA champion and hip-hop fanatic #LeBron James going off on how much Jada bodied the Diplomats. Bron Bron tweeted, “Jadakiss is the most underrated hip-hop artist of all-time! My goodness.”

It wasn’t too long ago when #Fabolous and Jadakiss put their classics up against one another in a Verzuz battle at the start of COVID but this edition was an MVP-type performance no one other than true LOX fans could have expected.

Could this performance add even more evidence to Jada’s own placement into the Top 5 Dead or Alive discussion?

Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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