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Oh he want a bad b***h
Well I want a n***a with some money and a long d**k
Buy me everything in my cart if you my boyfriend
Invest in this p***y boy support black business

You wanna see my nails when they done
Pay for’em
You can’t have opinions on no s**t that you ain’t paying for
All them high school mind games only work on needy b****es
Call ya self not talking to me I’m already calling my other n***a aye
Boy I eat like a bad b***h kale on my salad
Designer on my sheets boy I sleep like a bad b***h
Thinking that he future Ima leave him in the past tense
And I’m in my book so I think like a bad b***h

He said let’s make a movie and n***ed so quick we made a story
He tell people we not talking no lil n***a you getting ignored
He txt asking what we are I be like lol I’m dead
I think all these n***as stupid but I still want the head

I ain’t playin nice for no f***ing plane ticket
And I ain’t coming over till I know how big yo d**k is
He could call me lame and he can get an attitude
But I still ain’t doing nothing Ion wanna do
Don’t FaceTime me in public cause you don’t know who I f**k with
Why you asking why I’m playing when you know you got a girlfriend
I’m too bad to be mad I’m too sexy to be jealous
And I’m too f***ing grown to be playing with these n***as
Cause these n***as act like bad bitches in the club taking pictures
Other n***as sections taking seats from the bad b****es
Moody like these bad b****es messy like these bad b****es
Discussions on who f***ing like these n***as never had b****es

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