At the end of Lord Jamar’s live interview with DJ Vlad, he took some time to answer some questions from fans and all he gave was pure honesty and of his blatant opinion. Questions ranging from Kendrick Lamar’s as a lyricist, pharmaceutical companies commercializing rap music, and even his beef with Vince Staples, the actor did not hold back. “If the bum a** n**** was right here, he wouldn’t be talking all slick out of his mouth like that because I’d be quick to punch a n**** like that in his f****** face.” He added, “But, I let it go…I see he’s the type that try to get a rise out of you.”

Of course, the Brand Nubian rapper was asked about racially charged topics regarding Justin Bieber appropriating black culture, artist like Diddy exploiting him for more followers, and how whites would feel if Superman’s character was a black man since—as one fan pointed out—”Scientists” agreed that if the comic book character got his powers from the sun, he should have melanin.

Check out the interesting Q&A above.