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AzChike on Selling Lean to Selling Percs to Scamming to Rapping (Part 1)

In this clip, AzChike talks about the influence that Too $hort has had on his artistry, before taking a trip down memory lane to explain what his life was like as a hip hop fan during the Jerkin’ era. He reminisces on the days of MySpace and AIM. From there, the South Central native shares a story about losing his virginity to a 17-year-old when he was only thirteen. He also responds to the news that Too $hort just became a father at the age of 53.

Moving along, AzChike shares an interesting story about how DJ Quick rubbed his mother’s belly when she was pregnant with him. The “Burn Rubber Again” rapper explains that it all went down at a concert when his mother stood on top of a car and DJ Quick approached her and rubbed her belly. As the discussion moves along, AzChike talks about his love for 2 Live Crew and the lengths that he would go to in order to gain access to their music at a young age. He also talks about the moment he first became a fan of Ice Cube and the way in which he’s been influenced by the rap veteran’s entrepreneurial career choices.

Later in the discussion with AzChike, he opened up about selling lean to help out his family financially. He explained that he got the Lean from a family member, and things took off from there. AzChike also revealed that he tried his hand at scamming and nearly got busted right before his rap career blew up.

Moving along, AzChike opens up about scamming, and he admitted that he was doing it to provide for his family. He then stated that his music success is way more gratifying, and AzChike added that he’s not mad about rappers speaking about scamming their music. From there, AzChike detailed getting fired from his job after leaving early to scam. He also revealed that he was fired from another job for stealing, which you can hear more about above.

Interview by: Shirley Ju
Check out her youtube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/c/ShirleyJu9

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