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Boosie Reacts to Vlad Telling Him He Has the Footage of Lil Tjay's Shooting (Part 22)

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Part 21: https://youtu.be/USIhpK-G7MY
Part 1: https://youtu.be/QIj58lK4rKA
In this clip, DJ Vlad reveals to Boosie that he has the footage from the Lil TJay shooting. As DJ Vlad goes into detail about the horrific incident, he shares that in addition to shooting Lil TJay, the assailant also pistol-whipped him before looking into the camera without a mask on. This prompts DJ Vlad to ask Boosie how being shot in the past has changed the way he moves in public right now. In response, Boosie explains that because he’s been shot, he now moves in larger numbers with more guns. This sparks a hot take from the Baton Rouge native about the dangers of being a rapper nowadays and the chances of getting killed because of your status in urban culture. From there, the two engage in a friendly debate about how many people are in the world and how many of them are rappers who have become millionaires.

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