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Glen "Big Baby" Davis Laughs at Getting Arrested for Drug Possession & Distribution (Part 17)

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Part 16: https://youtu.be/59HD8zyzq9Q
Part 1: https://youtu.be/7Jhy2FoT1gA
In this clip, Glen “Big Baby” Davis talks about getting arrested for drug possession and drug distribution before explaining to DJ Vlad how he once again found himself in a compromising situation at a motel. This time around, the former NBA champion reveals that his predicament stemmed from an incident when he went to visit a potential signee for his record label. Davis explains that because he also ran a marijuana-based company, he brought some of his “work” with him, which ultimately led to his arrest at the Maryland hotel that he was staying in. Upon his arrest, the police officers on hand recovered $92,000 in cash and 126 grams of marijuana. In the end, Davis paid a $15,000 fine, and the case was suspended. As the discussion nears a conclusion, Davis recalls posting a video online of him on a private jet, with a bunch of cash, while eating “Popeyes” chicken just to stunt on law enforcement one last time for apprehending him.

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