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Lil Blood Talks About West Oakland, Lack Of Positive Role Models On Social Media, His Podcast

Lil Blood “Off The Porch” Interview

We recently sat down with Bay Area’s Lil Blood for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation he discussed his podcast Lil Blood Tv, having a passion for helping those with their problems, older artists still wanting the spotlight instead of helping the youth, being raised in West Oakland, learning the game from OG’s, his perspective on the new generation, people not having their priorities together, turning his life around after he had his son, living reckless in his 20s, taking his music career serious recently, having a change of mindset with his career, meeting with Ghazi, having a lot of doors closed on him when it came to his career, being respected for who he truly is now, people speaking on his name spreading false information, learning to separate rap friends, his single “Stressed Out” catching his first buzz, dealing with a lot of life issues when he dropped “Stressed Out”, coming up with Philthy Rich, the Bay Area needing more light shed on them, his recent project the “Book Of Dawa”, working with Peezy, Kamiayah, Haiti Baby and more! 

Lil Blood

Interview by MikalaTV

DGB Media

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