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  1. y'all don't know what this Mane Had To go through to get to where He Is NOW…….Yall need to be saluting This Mane from Making Something out of Nothing & Making The best of a bad situation

    you Dont Know what we Memphis people had to go through Because Y'all ain't trying to understand the struggle

    leave The man Alone & let him get his money

  2. & Atleast he Ain't Out here taking Y'alls Shit ,Real Niggas Will kill you for making fun & Disrespecting our struggle

  3. nope he rapping u see what he doing telling other niggas story …why ppl be hating on ppl why …..God bless and protect black,,, yo Gotti and all dem …idk them but I vibe to all they shit …

  4. Y'all lame as hell with these comments tho…damn near every rapper raps about selling drugs and not one big time rapper got hit with conspiracy over a song

  5. dry snitching on himself.. "if the feds catch me i aint gone run my mouth" nigga u just told em where to find the coke weed and money fool

  6. Big Meek: Nigga stop telling your business and why you put my name in it
    Blac youngsta: no one knows I sell drugs or you a drug lord
    Big Meek: nigga you literally said your family knows dumbass

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